A bit about me

My path to becoming an End of Life Doula started at the age of 11 when my grandfather died.  It was the first time I wondered about death and the way we handle this season.  Through-out my life I have been privileged to walk with friends of all ages as they navigated a dis-ease or health crisis.  Their wisdom and teachings were all part of the Divine plan.

WHEN I KNEW – In 2013 I journeyed with a loved one through cancer as a caretaker, advocate and a companion for two years. Spending time focusing on the five domains of life (mental, emotional, physical, practical and spiritual) I watched as new essence blossomed even as he was losing his health.  After his death, I began my work with Hospice as a Patient Care, Comfort Touch and Aromatherapy provider.  I also began my EOL Doula studies and currently hold three certifications in End of Life Care and Sacred Passages. 

It is my honor and great privilege to be invited in, build connection and support both the dying person and their loved ones.  The wisdom, stories, joys and sorrows shared along the way are sweet nuggets to be treasured.  This is a time when relationships are healed, love is freely expressed, forgiveness is offered and received.  There can be beauty and blessing in the hard.  It is my hope to educate, empower, and encourage people to step into this sacred space.  We all have the capacity inside, we just need to awaken it. 

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