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Teri Jacobson EOL Doula

When we face the fact we will all die we open a door to explore, create and live with intention and purpose. This view occurs naturally when one is facing their own death due to illness or aging. Other times we find ourselves at the door of contemplation when we experience the loss of a loved one or we witness someone else’s decline or loss in capacity. Bridges of Life is passionate about helping people lean into times of transition. I help you envision, map and implement your vision of what a conscious life and death look like for you. Additionally, I guide you in completing details and directions for those who will be left behind.

Although many of my clients are in advanced age or facing life limiting illness, the best time to do this work is when you are well, when it is not urgent and can be birthed out of wishes and not requirements. I work with all ages, all levels of wellness and at any stage of living.

It is an incredible honor to serve families dealing with illness, disease and end of life as a Doula. I help navigate this season by partnering with the sweet soul experiencing difficulties and their loved ones with practical, emotional, and spiritual support. This support can be companioning, check-ins, rides, meals, as well as educating, preparing and journeying before, during and after end of life. My heart is to empower individuals, families and friends to be step forward into this time with an intentionality and awareness of the sacredness of the space, prioritizing what really matters in care and connection in order to live fully in the present. I work in private homes and communities for senior living and memory care. You will find a safe place to discuss, contemplate, prepare for and navigate the many bridges of aging life.

The term “doula” comes from ancient Greek and is described as a servant or helper. Like a birthing doula who provides holistic heart-centered education, emotional and practical care before and after birth, an End of Life Doula serves with a focus on later life, including end of life.


Doula Care

A helping hand, extra set of eyes, and a servants heart to educate, guide and partner. Trained in non-medical holistic elder care and the Sacred Passage of Death, I provide spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and practical support to aging people and their loved ones. It is an honor to be invited into a home to help. I come offering a loving presence filled with grace, peace, respect and reverence.

What are your needs?

Best Three Months

What would you change if you only had three months to live? You get to choose.

This exercise begins with the end in mind and finishes with a plan to take you from your current reality to living on purpose and intentionally prioritizing what matters most. Awakened. Conscious. We are physical beings with limited time. Choose now what you would choose at the end. I would be honored to provide this service.

From Me to You – A Guide

Advance Planning with End of Life specifics. Your gift to those who love you. Practical and clear details they will need, all in one place, because it will be hard enough.

No one wants to leave a mess or confusion for their loved ones to muddle through when they are already grieving. This planner will help get everything in order while still allowing for adjustments as life changes. Completing this before there is a need to know eases the tension of needing to know when there will be more important things to say. It is a gift. From you to them and allows for them to gift you with their complete presence in the end.


In memory of those I have been honored to accompany

We treasure your friendship, your wisdom and your comfort during Lynn’s illness and death.  What you did goes beyond understanding.  You were God’s spirit here on earth.

Pat and Paul – parents

Thank you so much for all your help. It is truly appreciated. Couldn’t make it without you.

Jean – Senior

It helped so much to know you were with my dad. Thank you for all your love and care the last several months.

Kathy – daughter

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How May I Serve You?

With the aim of helping as many people as possible I offer educational workshops, discussion groups and organization presentations. Let me know how I may serve you.

Teri Jacobson is a Conscious Living Coach/Educator, Sacred Passage Doula and Advanced Care Planner.  In addition, she works with those living with dementia in a senior care community and provides spiritual, physical, intellectual, cultural and emotional programs.  She volunteers for Hospice providing patient care, aroma therapy, and comfort touch modalities as well as a workshop leader and trainer. 

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